Prasanta Das Gupta College of Education

About the Place

Vidyanagar has always been a centre of learning and it actually turned into a knowledge village even in the school days of Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya, the Love Incarnate of Kali Yuga.

Situated in the lap of green nature, Vidyanagar annexed to Nabadwip, the birth place of Lord Sri Chaitanya, was particularly noted for Indian philosophy and its ancient classical literature.

It is related that Sri Chaitanya studied here under the luminous guidance of Basudev Sarbobhown and Gangadhar Pandit both the scholars of international standard. Vidyanagar then considered as a knowledge village spread its fame and renown far and wide. Students from the distant parts of the country and across the border thronged this knowledge village for their studies and won distinction in their own subjects.

Vidyanagar has a glorious history and tradition of education and culture all along. It plays a vita role, centering round its nucleus. Vidyanagar G.D. Vidyamandir nestled in the lap of green arena. Vidyanagar and Vidyanagar G.D. Vidyamandir are two in one in the truest sense of the term. There are multi farious schemes and projects going to be presently implemented at Vidyanagar to develop the socio-economic status of the people and the young generation at the grass root level in the traditional communities.

Vidyanagar as it stands as before has presently done a monumental work in order to impart higher education and training to the teachers and freshers as well. This monument is Prasanta Dasgupta College of Education (B.Ed) and verily this serves as a reminder of the Great Prasanta Dasgupta and his noblest contribution in the vast field of education and culture in greater Purbasthali and its surrounding areas of Burdwan.

This epitomises the dedicated spirit to the noble cause of education and simultaneously, Vidyanagar is committed to serve its noble mission to impart teachers education and training in right earnest under the able guidance and inspiring leadership of the competent authority.

The mission is optimistic and the vision is luminous. Vidyanagar is Progressing by degrees towards the limelight of Education For All and Integrity Of All.